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Our Approach
Here’s an overview of how we work at Harmony Circle Gardens:

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Our work together begins with an initial “intake” meeting, where we’ll talk through the goals and aspirations for your specific project. We’ll discuss how you envision using your outdoor space, your preferences and any particular challenges we’ll need to address.


From there, we’ll partner with you to develop a design that achieves your vision. This includes a detailed plan and recommendations for plants and other material. We’ll also provide a complete estimate of installation costs to bring your unique plan to life. 


We’ll schedule, manage and install your landscape design, engaging with vendors and contractors who share our commitment to deliver high quality work on time and within budget.

What makes us different?

We believe that the landscaping process should be a joyful experience that leads to a great result! With that in mind, you can expect Harmony Circle Gardens will be:

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  • Responsive and organized—from the initial consultation/planning meeting through installation, you can expect clear communication and collaboration every step of the way

  • Easy to work with—Harmony Circle Gardens leverages the best suppliers and installation expertise on your behalf; We take care of the details, so you don’t have to!

  • Small and client-focused—we believe this makes it possible to give each project the attention it deserves at a highly competitive cost

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Robyn Bachochin

When passion finds purpose

Hi friends.

My name is Robyn Bachochin and I’m the owner of Harmony Circle Gardens.

My passion for the garden began when my husband and I bought our first home. Over time I have continued to evolve and improve our outdoor space—and that's where you can find me on the weekends or in the evenings with family or friends. This love has expanded to helping friends and neighbors plan and plant their gardens or containers, too. And in doing so, I realized that I wanted to help others make beautiful spaces by learning and developing garden design skills.

So, after 26 years in consulting with leaders of large companies, I am taking a leap of faith and starting anew. Consulting is all about listening to a client's needs and challenges and helping them find the ideal solution—all while setting clear expectations and delivering high quality along the way. Landscape design has a lot of similarities. Harmony Circle Gardens allows me the opportunity to apply my creativity and business skills in an entirely different way.


My goal is to stand out as a firm that’s responsive, highly collaborative, and easy to work with. Experience matters and I want our clients to love the experience of working with us as much as they love the finished product!

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